based in singapore, we source
high performance raw materials
worldwide and supply them to
processing industries all over
south east asia
Welcome to Asia Pacific Metal Solutions Pte Ltd,
your preferred provider of high quality metals.

Based in Singapore, we source high performance
raw materials worldwide and supply them to processing
industries all over South East Asia.
Integrity, Quality, Knowledge, Competitiviness

Corporate Profile

At Asia Pacific Metal Solutions Pte Ltd we provide raw materials of highest quality to a large variety of industries all over South East Asia. With a big passion for knowledge and expertise, APM Solutions' dedicated staff members hark back to many years of experience in successfully servicing clients from Shipbuilding, Automotive, Construction, Metal Stamping, Heat Exchanger, Aluminium foil, Medical, Optical, Precision Engineering, Transformer and many more industries.

Asia Pacific Metal Solutions acts as a reliable supplier of Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Titanium and Stainless Steel in this part of the world. Besides the raw material, we also provide Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Warehousing, Just in Time Delivery (JIT), Transport and Logistics, Cut to Length as well as Consulting. We ensure customer satisfaction through very competitive prices with special emphasis on maintaining highest quality in product and service. Our material originates from Europe, Russia, Korea & Taiwan. We ensure that all our suppliers are ISO certified and material comes with 3.1 Mill Certificates. Upon request, Class 3.2 Certificates can also be provided.


APM Solutions aspires to become the preferred partner to all the industries that we serve in South East Asia, delivering highest quality at the best possible prices at the right time.


Our main goal is customer satisfaction. In an industry where you never stop learning, we like to share our knowledge and expertise so that our customers can grow. We believe that only if our customers grow, we can grow as well. Our committed service, competitive prices, the quality of our products and our experience in the market guarantee that clients will be in the best of hands with APM Solutions.

  AI 99,5 1050A 1050 -
  AI 99,0 1100 1100 A 1100
  AI99.35 1235 - -
  AlCuMgPg 2007 2007 A 2007
  AlCu6BiPb 2011 2011 A 2011
  AlCu4SiMg 2014 2014 A 2014
  AlCu4Mg1 2024 2024 A 2024
  AlCu4MgSi 2030 2030 A 2030
  AIMn1Cu 3003 3003 -
  AIMn1Mg1 3004 - -
  AIMn0,5Mg0,5 3105 - -
  AlSi12,5MgCuNi 4032 - -
  AlMg1 5005 5005 A 5005
  AlMg5 5019 5019 A 5019
  AlMg2,5 5052 5052 A 5052
  AlMg4,5Mn 5083 5083 A 5083
  Almg5 5056 5056 A 5056
  AlMg4 5086 5086 A 5086
  AlMg4,5Mn0,4 5182 5182 A 5182
  AlMg3 5754 - -
  AIMgSiPb 6012 - -
  Alcoa UltrAlloy 6020 - -
  AlSi1Sn1MgBi 6023 6023 A 6023
  AlMgSi 6060 - -
  AlMg1Si0,5 6061 6061 6061
  AlMgSi1 6082 - -
  Aleco62Sn 6262A 6262 -
  ALZn4,5Mg1 7020 -7005 -
  AlZn6MgCu 7075 7075 -
  AIFeSi(A) 8011A 8011 -
  AlFe1Si 8079 8079 -
  Cu-OF Cu-OF C10200 -
  Cu-OFE Cu-OFE C10100 C1011
  Cu-ETP E-Cu57 C11000 C1100
  Cu-DLP SW-Cu C12000 C1201
  CuZn30 CuZn30 C26000 C2600
  CuZn33 CuZn33 C26800 C2680
  CuZn35 CuZn35 C27000 C2700
  CuZn37 CuZn37 C27400 C2720
  CuZn38Sn CuZn38Sn C46400 C4640
  CuSn6 CuSn8 C51900 C5191
  CuSn8 CuSn8 C52100 C5212
  CuAl9Ni5Fe4 CuAl10Ni5Fe4 C63000 C6301
Steel AlloysDIN ENASI  
  1.4305 303    
  1.4401 316    
  1.4404 316L    
  1.4542 17-4PH    
  1.4571 316Ti    
  1.4016 430    
  1.4104 430F    
  Grade 1      
  Grade 2      
  Grade 3      
  Grade 4      
  Grade 5      
  Grade 23      
APM Solutions aims to be the long term partner providing additional services from origin to your doorstep

Shipping, Import, Storing and Logistics.

APM Solutions aims to be the long term partner providing additional services from origin to your doorstep. We organise the overseas shipment for our customers and – in case the client is located in Singapore – we do the port clearance and transport the material directly to your premises or into our warehouse facility. Our warehouse is an enclosed structure making sure that no external factors may cause a chemical reaction to its components and through this protecting the materials from any possible damage and ensuring its highest quality. Vendor Managed Inventory.

At APMS we understand the importance of time and cost efficiency. Our VMI ensures constant availability of your supply. Together with our clients we act as transparent partners and help to guarantee that there never will be any product shortages. Managing our customers’ inventory on the one side but also being in constant contact with suppliers about lead times and and/or possible market changes on the other side.

Just in Time Delivery

Long term as well as short term project are both supported by APM Solutions’s warehouse, packaging and cut to length facilities. Our JIT service ensures favourable outcomes for our clients through customised supplies when and were needed. In case the situation requires we are able to able to transport – by air or by sea – any material, no matter what dimension and which origin, making sure materials are being made available on short notice preventing our clients from any possible down time.


The Trade industry as such is one of the fastest changing environments in the world. Building strong relationships with the most competitive suppliers is key to survival and therefore has always been a main focus of all staff members at APM Solutions. Through our consultation process we are able to focus with our clients on the right products from the most suitable sources at the best possible pricing. We can provide comprehensive information on specifications of our materials as well as finding solutions and supply for possible setbacks and shortages, thus maximizing our customer’s financial resources and achieving even more effective results.


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